Friday, March 24, 2006

Mailed to a Random Recipient

Sent to Seth Goldstein 3/25/06

Call for Mail Art

This blog is a call for mail Art of the Political kind.
Whomever says Art is not Political isn't talking about True Art. The purpose of Art is to speak the Truth.

I want to see a campaign of Anti-War, Anti-Hate, Anti-Bigotry, Anti-Imperialism, Pro-Peace, Pro-Tolerance, Pro-Love, Pro-Truth mail Art flying through the world wide land mail air stream!

The preference here is for hand made or altered postcards.
All media are encouraged-paintings, drawings, prints, photos, collages, scribblings, rantings...
Just declare yourself!!!

This will work three different ways:
1. Send your Subversive Mail to me and I'll scan and post it here
PO Box 25113
Seattle, WA
98165 USA
2. Send me a scanned version and mail it to someone else:
3. I'll scan my own before i send it out and post it here.

You can send your mail to anyone you choose but I encourage to take the ultimate plunge and mail it to a random person. You can pick someone out of your own phone book or go to Yahoo people search and type in a random name. You'll get lot's of choices. If you put the url for this blog on the mail, the recipient can come back here and let us know it was recieved and what s/he thinks about it. So, get busy and put your stamp on the world!!!!